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We benefit from very generous supporters through the years, but, as a non-profit, our fiscal challenges are an ever present reality. Your dollars help pay for much needed programs and services that are focused on preventing child abuse and promoting safer, healthier and happier children.

You can support the John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation through your donation of time or money.

For monetary donations, you can make a donation via the PayPal, or by printing the form and sending payment in the mail.

1) Make a donation to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation via PayPal

2) Print this form and send to:
John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation
73-555 San Gorgonio Way
Palm Desert, CA 92260

I would like to contribute to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation and help make Coachella Valley's families strong.

My gift of $ _______________ .
Please use this gift to help young children have a healthy start in life.
My gift of $ ______________ .
Please use this gift to help the Ophelia Project.
My gift of $ ______________ .
Please use this gift where it's needed most.

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E-mail _____________________________________________

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Payment Information: Check, Credit Card or Stock Donation

 Enclosed is my check made payable to "John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation"

 Please bill my credit card (information listed below)

I am interested in donating stock. Please call me to discuss further.

For more information and instructions on stock donations you may contact Rick Cherry at rcherry@jfkfoundation.org or (760) 776-1600 Ext. 106.

You have my authorization to bill my credit card.  Please complete the following information.


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