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How does Sponsorship help Ophelia Girls?
The Ophelia Model includes a Student Success Agenda promoting Career Readiness and Life Skills that continues through community college and university levels. By Sponsoring one or more Ophelia Girls, you will be assuring that this Education Partnership serves girls through their high school years; you will be helping to sustain the Ophelia Project, assuring that the benefits of the Ophelia Project are offered to future generations of girls, building stronger young women and strengthening the fabric of our communities. It really takes a village!

How does an Ophelia Sponsorship work?

You select the sponsorship program of your choice; submit the information and donation amount to the Ophelia Project of Coachella Valley. Often groups of friends or social clubs become Sponsors, matching each other’s Sponsorship. Every sponsorship brings change to more than just one young girl - it strengthens an entire community as the benefits your gift provides will extend to each girl's family, their community, and other youth in their sphere of influence. Many, many individuals are positively impacted by every single Ophelia Girl sponsorship.

Will I get to know my sponsored Ophelia Girls?

You will be given a variety of opportunities to personally meet and interact with Ophelia Girls by attending events that take place during the school year or by attending the Annual End of Year Ophelia event. You will know your girl(s) first name and be able to see first-hand the growth and tremendous difference your sponsorship has made…. a difference that will change not only the lives of girls you sponsor, but your own life as well.

What are the benefits of Ophelia Sponsorship?

For less than $1 a day, you'll help provide a young Ophelia Girl with trained and certified Ophelia Mentors who will serve as their guide, a helping hand from the community. Ophelia curriculum and highly trained Mentors instill social skills that are so important to navigating through their education, their career, their personal life, and their future with skills such as these life-enhancing basics:

• The Importance of Education
• Health, Nutrition & Fitness
• Etiquette for all Occasions
• Making Healthy Choices
• Community Involvement
• Pay It Forward

What do I receive when I sponsor an Ophelia Girl?

Your financial gift (100% tax deductible) makes a tangible, lasting difference. Sponsorship includes:

• A thank you/acknowledgement letter with tax deduction information
• Periodic progress reports on the Ophelia Project locally and national
• Your name listed as a proud sponsor of the Ophelia Project
• A DVD of the Coachella Valley Ophelia Project Documentary
• Photos of Ophelia Girls in group sessions
• Special recognition at the annual Ophelia End of Year event
• Notification of all Ophelia events during the school year
• Electronic newsletter or program updates

Won’t you consider being a Sponsor of Ophelia Girls?

The cost of sponsoring an Ophelia Girl is only $350 per student per year. You may decide to: sponsor one or more girls for a single year; sponsor one or more girls through their high school years in Ophelia; or sponsor a particular school based on the number of girls served in that school. Your generous support of the Ophelia Project will make it possible for us to provide Ophelia Girls with a wide world of opportunities they would otherwise not have.

Sponsor a Girl - $350
The Ophelia Project
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Join us in Rescuing Potential!


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