Home Visitation Programs

An array of on-on-one, in home parenting education services

Home Visitation

The partnership and collaboration of John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation, First 5 Riverside, and Riverside County Department of Public Social Services, has made possible our Home Visitation Programs. Specially trained bilingual Family Support Specialists provide supportive services at no cost, to parents, children and families in the Coachella Valley. Our Home Visitation programs offer a powerful array of one-on-one, in-home parenting education services with an emphasis on the prevention of child maltreatment, increasing child safety, promoting health, fostering child development, activities to enhance school readiness, and referrals to supportive services from a network of local community resources. Family Support Specialists stress empowerment of families, build on their strengths and abilities and support families as they manage life’s challenges.

Edgar W. Butler, Ph.D.

Dr. Butler is Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Riverside.  To the JFK Memorial Foundation, Dr. Butler is an indispensable ally. He was the Foundation’s co-author and program evaluation consultant on several of the Foundation’s Home Visitation grants.  Dr. Butler has provided a wealth of information in assisting the JFK Memorial Foundation’s growth and development, a treasured resource to which we look to for inspiration.  An author published many times over, Dr. Butler’s latest book entitled “Vulnerable Hispanic Families”, chronicles several JFK Memorial Foundation Home Visitation Programs.

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Home Visitation programs provided by John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation include:

Differential Response Home Visitation

This program provides support and linkage to services for families with children 0 to 17 who have come to the attention of Child Protective Services (CPS) for child maltreatment. Trained Family Support Specialists work together with CPS to assess families who are in need of community support and assistance. Assessment focuses on the family’s unique strengths and needs. The program is designed to help families break the cycle of CPS involvement without removing children. The goal is to reduce the risk of future CPS involvement and provide unique family interventions that allow the family to move forward independently and productively and avoid future CPS investigations.

Early SafeCare Home Visitation

This evidence-based in-home parent-training curriculum / program provides support to parents with young children who are at risk and/or have been reported to Child Protective Services for child maltreatment. The program focuses on three areas related to neglect and abuse: health, home safety, and parent-child/parent-infant interactions. Through SafeCare, trained Family Support Specialists work with at-risk families in their home environment. Parents receive eighteen (18) to twenty (20) weekly sessions. The goals of the program are to reduce child welfare re-entry, and reduce child maltreatment among families with a history for maltreatment, or with risk factors for maltreatment.